Professional multifunctional platform providing IPTV and OTT services.

Smarty Middleware is a software solution offering multiscreen service of interactive television. Smarty runs on all modern devices, media platforms, Smart TV and all popular Set-Top Box IP set-top boxes (including old-timers of the IPTV market MAG, Amino, etc.), mobile devices and the latest media set-top boxes.

Product functionality

Microimpuls Smarty has a wide range of features. Here’s the list:


allows you to continue watching the program on another device


unified interface of Smarty runs on all modern platforms

Video library

allows you to watch films and TV series from built-in content library

Integration with online streaming services

allows you to get access to films and TV series from other partners

Delayed viewing

allows you to watch programs at any convenient time since the initial airing. It’s designed to record programs and save them to the video server or integrate with other services

Online CCTVs

allows access to broadcasts and recordings from CCTV cameras

Favorites by theme

a list of channels around the same theme. It’s defined by the genre of the program

Embedded billing system

Smarty has its own embedded billing system and all the main functions

Extended EPG

provides comprehensive information about broadcast programs

Website integration

allows you to manage personal user accounts on the website

Favorites by section

a list of channels within the same section. It’s defined by the channel theme

Personalization of TV experience

we created a unique customized system – Smarty can easily adapt to your preferences


Unified interface of Smarty runs on all modern Smart TV platforms, mobile devices and STBs.

Integration with online streaming services

Distribution of films and TV series in partnership with online streaming services. Regular content updates. Operator’s revenue is generated by distribution of the content based on the model of sharing profits with online streaming services.


We deliver the best of both UI and UX television and online streaming services, merged in one unified interface. Our new Infinitly interface introduces the concept of clear cut content.



simple, straightforward and user-friendly interface is designed according to all the UX design requirements

Continuous watching

continue watching the same content on different devices

Additional capabilities

meeting your needs


send notifications directly to users’ smartphones


customization in accordance with company’s identity


let your subscribers watch TV on the go

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