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Microimpuls Spectr – a software solution for Unicast video streaming on OTT devices.

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The majority of modern software solutions for streaming services on the market use too much resources and impose demanding requirements for server hardware. At the same time, they have low efficiency and high price. We’ve decided to rectify this situation. 

Introducing Microimpuls Spectr: fast video streaming server with low resource consumption.

Spectr is a single solution for Live and PVR/VOD video streaming that runs on Linux operating system and supports various formats and protocols.  Not only does our new video server bring together the experience of Microimpuls product development, but it also utilizes innovative solutions. 

Microimpuls Spectr video server allows to broadcast Live and VOD streams. It provides one-time password token protection for links in order to strengthen protection measures and avoid illegal use.

Spectr supports a wide range of formats for streaming content including HTTP-TS, HLS, H.264, H.265, AAC, MPEG2, MP2 and others.

Microimpuls Spectr provides all the necessary data to external systems for monitoring and compiling statistical reports. It has its own API for integration with external systems.

Spectr has a cluster system that allows distribution of the workload across Edge servers. The support of Origing-Edge cluster scheme dramatically reduces the bandwidth usage. The scheme allows to build CDN networks with flexible infrastructure for scalability of content delivery network. Spectr is perfectly integrated in Microimpuls ecosystem.

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