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Microimpuls Transporter is an innovative software solution that allows video and TV streaming delivery via the public internet with the use of point-to-point technology.

Data transfer protocol operates on top of TCP/IP. Special algorithms of dynamic buffering and video packet adaptation allow to guarantee video transmission without breaks and artifacts in cases of packet loss and disturbances in the network.

Key benefits

TV signal reservation

It allows to reserve data transmission from several sources – the receiving server merges multiple streams in one and allows to set up a reserved line. In case one of the sources is disabled there’s going to be a smooth transition without signal loss.

Different operation modes during critical and normal network status

New hybrid operation mode allows the automatic switch of transport protocol between TCP and UDP depending on the current network status and chosen parameters.

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Video stream is encrypted and protected from interception when transmitting data over the web. High number of Russian telecommunication companies use Microimpuls solution for delivery of the signal to operators and satellite platforms.

Internet delivery at your infrastructure’s service

You’re not going to have to buy another set of equipment for head-end station if you’re planning to expand the coverage of the network and start broadcasting in yet another city. You can use Microimpuls Transporter for solving local tasks of delivering the signal through point-to-point technology.

Product benefits 

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